Cyclical Living. The Key To Living Your Best Life.

Its no coincident that the female cycle is approximately 28 days and the moon cycle is approximately 28 days.

Today I wanted to share with you why journalling your cycle is important and why having a basic understanding of the lunar cycle is so powerful.

There are a few reasons why I have started journalling specifically with my internal cycles as well as the external cycle..

  • I can check in with myself and I see it as a form of self care
  • I can tap into and own my feminine energy
  • I can surrender to what is natural for me
  • I can start to really know myself on a deeper level and therefore expect what is coming

To get started, these are some of the journal prompts I use daily.

How am I feeling physically? 

How am I feeling emotionally?

How am I feeling mentally?

How am I feeling spiritually?

*A note on “spirituality”. When I talk about spirituality or having a spiritual practise, I am talking about rituals or practises that bring you home to your truest self, that fill your cup, that light you up.

Now lets take a look at our internal cycle.

WINTER – MENSTRUATION Days 1 – 5 approximately.

  • Nourishment. Receiving. Clarity. Reflection. Surrender. Stillness. Presence.

SPRING – FOLLICULAR PHASE Days 6 – 13 approximately

  • Emerging energy. Momentum. Playfulness. Renewal. Motivation. Exploration. Optimism.

SUMMER – OVULATORY PHASE Days 14 – 21 approximately.  

  • Truth-telling. Creativity. Completion. Intuitive. Organising. Celebration. Problem solving. Clearing.

AUTUMN – LUTEAL PHASE Days 22 – 30 approximately. 

  • Expressive. Confident. In Flow. Visible. High Energy. Magnetic. Giving. Pleasure.

When we ask the above phases as we are flowing through our seasons, you can see how we might start to then expect to feel a certain way and even tap into what is coming next.

Without getting too involved, knowing when there is a full or new moon and having rituals around them can be very powerful too.

New Moon/Dark Moon. A time for renewing intentions, new manifestations, new endeavours, new relationships, new ideas, hope and faith, planting seeds, optimism. 

Full Moon – Celebrating, recalibrating / course correct and release.

So instead of setting goals on a calendar month, you would set new goals on a New Moon. On a monthly basis, on the full moon, is an opportunity to reconnect with those goals in a new way, harnessing the moons power.

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