About Chloe

Chloe is a co-owner of a Strength based facility located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, StrengthCity where she is a personal trainer and Nutrition Coach. Chloe is a soon-to-be author of a book about Living Awake; which is about creating a beautiful place inside yourself where you nourishing and begin to expand outwards. It is about increasing your self awareness so that you can make an positive impact in your internal world and as a result, your external world. 

Living Awake provides a roadmap for women to return home to their true authentic selves, awakening them from the slumber that they find themselves in, while giving them the tools that will make an impact to their quality of life, their health and the health of the planet.

Above all, Chloe is a wife and a mum of two!

After finishing her undergraduate in psychology and masters in public health, she went on a mission to strengthen the connection between mental health and physical health. 

Building two gyms from the ground up, Chloe has impacted thousands of lives by inspiring, educating and empowering those (especially mums and dads) to live a healthy, strong and full life.

In particular, Chloe is passionate about facilitating women to find their true selves and breaking down the barriers they face with nutrition. She has journeyed along side women who have had physical transformations but has witnessed the struggles these women still face – comparison, fear of judgement, emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, disconnection and overwhelm and a complete lack of confidence. Not to mention the overwhelm associated with nutrition and the flow on effect this has in their lives.

Chloe is also passionate about living a low-chemical and low-waste life which she infuses into all her teachings.

Working on the premise of nutrition being the most basic form of self care, as well as her near decade experience in the health and fitness industry, Chloe has facilitated thousands of transformations.

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