The Toxic Effect of Negative Self Talk & How You Can Change It

I posted this quote card on social media the other day as well as a Live in The Become Nourished Collective and got an overwhelming response. I think it is important to talk about The Toxic Effect of Negative Self Talk & How You Can Change It!

I have been in the fitness industry now for around 8 years and at least everyday, even numerous times a day I would hear these descriptive words about womens bodies.

Yuck, fat, horrible, disgusting, hate, wobbly, gross.

These words just flew out of their mouths and I would use most of them myself without giving it another thought.

I have been working hard on my own body image and therefore becoming increasingly aware of the language woman use to describe themselves.

These words pierce me now.

Maybe because I am unlearning all these things about myself.

Maybe because my heart aches for them.

If you’re someone who has uttered these words to yourself about yourself or your body in the last 24 hours, maybe its time to unlearn some of the things you’ve learned. Start to see your body for what it is and capable of. Question where your beliefs are coming from and why they are no longer serving you. What are they stopping you from? How are they getting in the way of living a full life?

Its time to start throwing love at ourselves.

You are worthy. You are enough just as you are.

And remember “if you wouldn’t day it to your daughter, don’t say it to yourself.”

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