Work with Chloe


I am a health coach for ambitious women on a mission to stop the yo-yo dieting and restrictions, create healthy and sustainable relationships with food and inspire positive body image.

I have been in the health and fitness industry now for a decade and I am here to shake up the diet culture, provide a sustainable nutrition and lifestyle framework for the ambitious woman so they can feel more energised and on purpose every day.

Are you ready to work with an experienced coach who wants to help you enhance the quality of your life?

A cheerleader who will be in your corner every step of the way?

Well, it’s no coincidence that you’re here.

Health, fitness and wellness is my jam! From attending the gym since age 12, to building two gyms from the ground up… It’s my expertise.

My clients have lost the kilos and shaped their body, and beyond that, they have increased their knowledge base of nutrition and increased their self-love..

You’re in good hands. Here’s how we can work together…


The Nourished Life

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

An intimate coaching container for the ambitious woman who wants to stop the yo-yo dieting, drop the restrictions and have a healthy, sustainable relationship with food.


The 30 Day Wellness Plan

In this beautiful eBook, you’ll learn 30 holistic ways in which you can enhance and elevate your wellbeing all with actionable items that you can incorporate into your life.

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