Work with Chloe


I am a nutrition and lifestyle coach for ambitious women on a mission to develop a bad-ass bod while optimising their training, performance and recovery.

I have been in the health and fitness industry now for a decade and have built two gyms from the ground up in that time.

I see the struggles women face and the overwhelming amount of information they are bombarded with. I am here cut through the noise and BS and provide evidence-based and actionable nutrition and lifestyle coaching in a one on one setting. Because let’s face it, we are all individuals leading different lives with different goals.

Are you ready to work with an experienced coach who will support you in making #educatedchange?

A cheerleader who will be in your corner every step of the way?

Well, it’s no coincidence that you’re here.

Nutrition, Lifestyle design and Natural Health are my jam! From attending the gym since age 12, to building two gyms from the ground up… It’s my expertise.

My clients have lost the kilos and shaped and strengthened their body, and beyond that, they have increased their knowledge base of nutrition (because #educatedchange), optimised their training, fallen in love with their body and built a lifestyle that supports their goals.

You’re in good hands. Here’s how we can work together…

Living Awake (Book)

Conscious Living for your Health & The Health of the Planet

Living Awake is about creating a beautiful place inside ourselves and expanding that change out into the world. It provides a roadmap for women to return home to their true authentic selves, awakening them from the slumber that they find themselves in, while giving them the tools that will make an impact to their quality of life, their health and the health of the planet.


Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

An intimate and highly individualised coaching container for the ambitious woman who wants to stop the yo-yo dieting, drop the restrictions and have a healthy, sustainable relationship with food.

Grow with Chloe

Online Strength Programming

Can’t physically make it to StrengthCity? I’ve got your back. Train anywhere, anytime with your own individualised strength based program.


Online Course

This online, self-paced course will help you reconnect with yourself on a deeper level, address any limiting beliefs, body image issues or not-enoughness and bring about empowerment for a life that is abundant in all areas.


The 30 Day Wellness Plan

In this beautiful eBook, you’ll learn 30 holistic ways in which you can enhance and elevate your wellbeing all with actionable items that you can incorporate into your life.

Goal Setting Workbook

A lot of the time we set goals based on the what but it never really goes further than that.. 

What about things like –

  • Why you want that goal?
  • What it was actually take to get there?
  • What skills and qualities do you need to achieve those goals?

In this 26 page Workbook you will – 

  • Determine your definition of success
  • Identify any blocks or fears
  • Create your grand vision
  • Learn ways to ‘find’ motivation
  • Learn how to stay on track
  • Implement the bonus material such as habit trackers, meal planners, shopping lists to help take MASSIVE action 

Plus, you’ll have an accompanying video empaling the workbooks as well as a pep talk from me! 

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