Thrive Nutrition

Sustainable Nutrition For Busy Mums

Thrive Nutrition is for those busy mums who – 

  • Want to stop the yo-yo dieting, drop the restrictions and have a healthy, sustainable relationship with food 
  • Want a positive body image and the confidence to match
  • Need support with emotional or stress eating 
  • Need flexible and easy to follow meal plans with family friendly recipes 
  • Understand that in order to THRIVE, they also need support with sleep, movement and stress management
  • Want to THRIVE in life but, with the demands of motherhood, feel they are always on the bottom of the list 


  • Individualised Meal Plan
  • Online Membership Platform
  • Private FB group
  • Weekly Lives
  • Fortnightly Progress Checks
  • Online Food Journal


Week 1 – Know Your Why

This is where we focus on passion, meaning, or purpose in your daily actions. Having more clarity on purpose will translate to stronger and more sustainable motivation to act towards your goals. 

Week 2 – Make Time and Plan Ahead

This is where we focus on taking the time to make a plan of small and reasonable steps that fit in within your bigger picture goals. The purpose is to act more intentionally throughout the day, working towards goals, rather than impulsively according to environmental cues. 

Week 3 – Record How Your Eating 

This is where we establish your method to record how you eat. We focus on reminding yourself of the big picture of the eating experience, get clear and specific on the goals of tracking, find tools and methods that are practical and easy, analyse data objectively and use the data to make informed changes. 

Week 4 – Plan Your Meals

This is where we focus on planning your meals ahead of time. You learn how to be specific in visualising what a healthy and practical meal looks like to you, operationalise the plan by thoroughly considering all of the implications and tradeoffs of each step and executing. 

Week 5 – Prep Your Meals

This is where we focus on prepping your meals ahead of time. This is where you will be guided to be specific in visualising a healthy meal, including each specific ingredient, identify the smallest steps of prep required for those ingredients, estimate the time demand of each small step and fit those steps into a routine and system.

Week 6 – Build a Supportive Home Environment 

This is where we focus on the effects that your home environment has on your actions and choices. We outline how willpower is only part of the equation of how choices are made. The environment is a powerful and often subconscious influencer of actions. 

Week 7 – Eat Mostly Whole Foods

This is where we focus on overall food quality, including all nutritional categories. We define what defines whole foods compared to processed foods. It guides you to set your own whole food continuum and consistently choose foods that are a little bit better.

Week 8 – Eat Slowly and Mindfully

This is where we focus on slowing down while your eating. We look at being present, observe sensations, and start directing your food experience towards more enjoyment. 

Week 9 – Know Why Your Eating

This is where we practise pausing before and during eating to observe their underlying motivations: are you eating for biological or psychological reasons? The key point is objective awareness to your intentions and non-judgement, rather than changing your actions. 

Week 10 – Enjoy Eating

This is where we guide you to tune-in to body sensations of eating, especially the joyful and pleasurable experiences. We outline the biochemical effect of food on the body and why it makes sense to accept and appreciate joyful food feelings. 

Week 11 – Improve Sleep

This is where we focus on hitting specific targets of # of hours of sleep through planning ahead for your wake time, reverse engineering the target # of hours and putting routine structure in place to hit that bedtime target. We also focus on the effects of sleep on your body and decision making, by studying what your natural sleep rhythm is. We guide you through how to set flexible and natural sleep routines during times that you can take advantage of not being tied to a morning alarm. The purpose is to identify and work towards calibrating with a natural circadian rhythm, in order to more effortlessly  get consistent quality sleep.  

Week 12 – Actively Destress

This is where we focus on finding routine activities that calm your central nervous system and reduce stress. We cover the basics of stress and recovery cycles, symptoms of stress (especially chronic stress), and examples of de-stressing activities. 

Group Coaching $29/week

Upgrade to 1:1 coaching for $49/week

  • Ongoing meal plan modifications 
  • Individual support through Voxer 

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