The Nourished Life

Sustainable Nutrition & Lifestyle Design

The Nourished Life 1:1 Coaching is for those ambitious women who – 

  • Want to stop the yo-yo dieting, drop the restrictions and have a healthy, sustainable relationship with food 
  • Want a positive body image and the confidence to match
  • Need support with emotional or stress eating 
  • Need education on what to eat that is in line with their goals with easy to follow family friendly recipes 
  • Understand that in order to THRIVE, they also need support with sleep, movement and stress management
  • Want to THRIVE in life but, with the demands of motherhood, feel they are always on the bottom of the list 

Drop the restrictions & step into the energised, confident woman you’ve been longing for..

In The Nourished Life 1:1 Coaching, we implement sustainable nutrition and lifestyle design using my Signature Framework – there will be no restrictive dieting, no weighing or measuring your food and No “one size fits all” meal plan.

Instead, through highly strategic, doable daily and weekly actions that are designed to fit into YOUR lifestyle, you’ll learn how to:

  • Eat better—without dieting or feeling deprived.
  • Lose weight—without giving up your favourite foods.
  • Ditch the food rules—overcoming the guilt and shame.
  • Feel energised all day—so you can enjoy all the things you want and need to do.
  • Get the results you’ve always wanted—and build the healthy habits you need to stay that way for GOOD.

Ask yourself…

If you just knew you could become the healthiest, most confident you in 90 days:

  • What actions would you take?
  • What decisions would you make?
  • What investments would you make?

If you are ready to make things happen, my 1:1 Coaching is for you!

By the end of our 12 weeks together, you will:
  • Have strong health and wellness goals with a potent and fire-fuelled WHY.
  • Have a more holistic approach to nutrition without hanging onto or being sucked into fad diets or trends.
  • Understand that adding more of the good stuff as opposed to subtracting the non-ideal leads to more abundance and therefore sustainability.
  • A toolkit of recipes and nutritional information that you can continue to implement into your life.
  • Have addressed any expectations that you have placed on yourself or others, which has allowed more freedom into your life
  • Understand the power of building supportive environments at home and work
  • Have broken down any limiting beliefs around worthiness, self-love and body image .
  • Understand the impact sleep and stress has on overall wellness and weight loss.
  • Have organisational skills of planning and prepping so that your days and weeks are filled with nourishment and flow.
  • Fall in love with moving your body and build on the identify of someone who moves everyday.
  • Understand the impact chemicals and plastics within the home have on our health.

A 12 week immersive 1:1 coaching container to help you stop the yo-yo dieting, drop the restrictions and have a healthy, sustainable relationship with food .

  • Initial 30min On-boarding session
  • Individualised Lifestyle Audit
  • 30min Weekly Zoom 1:1 Call
  • Homework & Individual Action Plan
  • 24/7 Access to Coach via private app
  • Regular Nutrition & Lifestyle Trainings
  • Access to all Past Trainings
  • Weekly & Monthly Accountability
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Access to resources, discounts & private events

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