The Nourished Life

Sustainable Nutrition & Lifestyle Design

Thrive Nutrition is for those busy women who – 

  • Want to stop the yo-yo dieting, drop the restrictions and have a healthy, sustainable relationship with food 
  • Want a positive body image and the confidence to match
  • Need support with emotional or stress eating 
  • Need flexible and easy to follow meal plans with family friendly recipes 
  • Understand that in order to THRIVE, they also need support with sleep, movement and stress management
  • Want to THRIVE in life but, with the demands of motherhood, feel they are always on the bottom of the list 

We delve into –

  • Knowing your why and getting clear on goals
  • Making time and planning ahead
  • Recording / food journalling
  • Planning your meals and recipes
  • Building supportive environments
  • Whole foods
  • Improving sleep
  • Reducing stress
  • And so much more

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