Sleep & Recovery

When we look at wellness with a holistic lens, our sleep routine and quality of sleep need to be addressed.

I work with many women who are finding it hard to firstly fall asleep, and then have a good quality sleep. Waking up with little to no energy, brain fog, lack of motivation and physically exhausted. This has a trickle effect to almost every other aspect in their lives.

Did you know?

• Seven hours sleep is the average reported sleep time with 12% of the population having less than five and a half hours sleep. 

• One quarter of the population, approximately 26%, use a device immediately before going to bed and report  frequent sleep difficulties or daytime impairments.

• Due to a typical workday routine, 23% report this resulted in less sleep. 

In this Mini Wellness Course, we are going to delve into –

  • How to Tolerate Stress – how to do a mind/body scan and learn how to actively destress.
  • How to get Quality Sleep – create and use a sleep ritual, set sleep targets and plan bedtimes and how to adjust to your natural sleep rhythm.
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