I am a health coach for ambitious women on a mission to stop the yo-yo dieting and restrictions, create healthy and sustainable relationships with food and inspire positive body image.

Reflect & Reset The Nourished Life

In today's podcast, I am guiding you through some reflective questions to close the chapter on 2021 and some vision sparking questions to open the curtains on 2022. I lay out my reflections, learnings, hopes and dreams and leave you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in this moving task with a gorgeous workbook. Get your workbook here – https://view.flodesk.com/pages/61c3bf0cd2fc90968d6f4a5b
  1. Reflect & Reset
  2. Stepping Up On Stage With Bindi
  3. Addressing Expectations
  4. Complete Lifestyle Transformation with Carol Humphreys
  5. Putting Yourself First with Renee Wootton

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