Deep Health

A coaching program of deep health means thriving in all domains of human experience.

It’s a “whole-person, whole-life” view of health involving six main domains.

Maintaining a personal minimum of deep health is central to being able to grow, adapt, evolve, and excel as human beings.

Caring for deep health gives a sense of living in a “life-forward direction”, having vitality and purpose in the world.

Being tuned and competent in all of your levers, builds confidence in a stronger sense of “always on”.

Likewise, improving one domain can also improve others. Pull a lever in one domain of deep health, and gears in other domains will move.

Every domain of deep health influences eating and exercise behaviours.

In this Mini Wellness Course, we are going to delve into –

This mini course is delivered through an online platform which can be accessed through an app.

You will also have access to a private Facebook group with a bunch of likeminded women, delving into Deep Health with you.

If you are ready to develop your Deep Health, please shoot through a message. We do 4 intakes each year.

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