Congrats & Welcome

Welcome to The Nourished Life One on One Coaching…

A big congrats on taking action towards becoming a healthier YOU!

As I write this I am currently coach women all over Australia and other countries to achieve their desired goals.

My mission is to not only assist you in transforming your body but also align your psychology for success, have maximum energy, increase your emotional intelligence and reach your full potential. It’s my goal to empower you to achieve your dream body and increase health and happiness in the following ways:

Step 1 – Nutrition Pillar

Here you will receive a personalised Meal Plan, understand the importance of planning and the skills of prepping. We also delve into macronutrients and the roles each of them play in our nutrition.

Step 2 – Lifestyle Pillar

This is where we deconstruct our lifestyle and design it in a way that is in alignment with our goals, looking at stress, emotions, alcohol, movement and sleep.

Step 3 – Mindset Pillar

Here we assist you in aligning your psychology for success and achieving your desired body and transformation goals. This includes your thought process, beliefs, values, habits, fears and much more.
If you have found yourself yoyo dieting, trying and failing over and over, procrastinating or anything similar this pillar will transform your mind and life forever!

Step 4 – We coach together UNTIL you achieve your goals, in-fact the only real way you can fail is to quit. You have unlimited 24/7 access to your coach and our amazing network of like-minded people.
I also run regular online workshops specifically designed to speed your results even further on nutrition, mind-set, exercise, lifestyle and more; and if you plug into every webinar and workshop I do, the speed at which you will achieve your results will be phenomenal!

Here’s some additional suggestions to get the most from your coaching:

1) Always complete all your tasks on time

Every coaching session I will give you action items and plan to complete before your next call. If you prioritise these and complete them quickly and effectively you will be blown away just how fast your results will happen!
Each coaching session will be accompanied by a personalised plan keeping you motivated, engaged and achieving your results quickly!

2) Attend all webinars and workshops

I run regular webinars which are free and paid workshops online regularly to speed things up even more for you.

4) Communicate regularly with your coach

One of the amazing attributes of this program is you get 24/7 access to me. And the more you communicate with me the better results you will get. I suggest not going more than 48-72 hours without communication on Facebook messenger.
It’s so you feel like someone is by your side the entire way. So, every action item you complete, every goal you kick or every challenge you have be sure to tell me and simply involve me in the process.

4) Have your diary completed and up to date every night by 8pm

In order for your coach to empower you with fast, long lasting results. Its important they see your food, training and diary to pin point your strengths, weaknesses, create your plans and determine changes needed!

5) Use the VIP group chat

The VIP Chat Box is ONLY for coaching clients and is full of motivated people just like you. Many who have already been through what you have or achieved what you want. The chat is there for you to ask questions, get ideas, brain storm or simply network. I find the clients that have the most interaction with this amazing resource generally also move through their goals the fastest.

What Now?

  • BEFORE your next session with your coach, fill in The Initial Assessment Questionnaire here
  • Take a full-frontal photo, side and rear in bikini or underwear, because trust me after your transformation you will kick yourself if you don’t have it! Then send it to my via Facebook Messenger.
  • Add yourself to the Facebook Group here
  • Book your Initial call here (above questionnaire needs to be filled in before booking)

I have spent nearly a decade in the health and fitness industry and years perfecting this program and although everyone starts at different levels, it takes 3-6 months for serious transformational changes (that last). I am not about quick fixes rather sustainable and healthy results.

I look forward to being on this journey with you.


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