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All About Meditation

Something that has enhanced my manifestation is meditation. When we drop into a meditative state, we are able to really sit with and question why we have recurring thoughts and give us the opportunity to break them down and release what thoughts no longer serve us. We are able to drop into a state ofContinue reading “All About Meditation”

Manifestation Magic

The word manifestation is getting thrown around alot at the moment so I want to clear up what it actually means and how you can incorporate it to further align your life. Manifestation is basically how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs create your physical reality. Delving into reflection, beliefs and emotions in the previous chaptersContinue reading “Manifestation Magic”

Cacao Cookies

These are deadset the best cookies I have ever made and they are jam packed with goodness. The kids love them too!

Top 10 Recovery Tips

I have compiled 10 of the best recovery strategies that I use on myself on a daily basis and promote to our members at StrengthCity. When we assist the recovery process, we can reduce the amount of time we experience soreness and can get into the gym sooner so chase our goals. Stretching / YogaContinue reading “Top 10 Recovery Tips”

Motivation is Born from Action

What does it mean to “take a 5-minute action”? This practice is about:* Picking one improvement you want to make.There are endless changes to be made to move you towards your goals. Try choosing just one.* Breaking that one improvement down into a very, very, very small and simple chunk. A chunk you can doContinue reading “Motivation is Born from Action”


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