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Nine Disadvantages of Detox Diets

I know it can be tempting to do a detox. You are feeling bloated. You want to shift a few kilos. Not only am I bringing you this information from an education standpoint, I am also sharing it with you from personal experience. Let’s dive in.

Protein For Fat Loss

Eating protein helps with losing fat, for a few reasons. When you eat more protein, you tend to feel fuller longer Protein stimulates the release of satiety (stop-eating) hormones in the gut. So when you eat protein, you naturally tend to eat less, without feeling hungry. And when you are eating in a calorie deficit,Continue reading “Protein For Fat Loss”

Early Morning Opportunities

Something always seems hard until it is done.  It can be easy to look at someone and attribute their success in a certain modality as luck or genes or circumstances. Ultimately, that someone once thought getting up at 430am was hard. When they opened their eyes to see darkness and silence. It would be soContinue reading “Early Morning Opportunities”

Are You Rich?

I’ve got a concept for you to consider… A lot of people associate wealth with money. They think, I am only ‘rich’ or ‘wealthy’ if I have X amount in the bank or I will only feel ‘rich’ or ‘wealthy’ when I have X amount in the bank.  Do you buy into this? I know I have.  TheContinue reading “Are You Rich?”

Naturally Detox

Today I want to share with you, 10 steps you can take each day to help your body do its natural detox job!  Eat Reasonable Amounts  If you’re eating too much, you’re probably accumulating more toxins than your body needs. Eating one cookie instead of six is a detox diet.  Slow down and chew your food.Continue reading “Naturally Detox”

Weight Loss & Worthiness

Regardless of what shape or size you are, you are worthy. Before your 10kg weight loss you are worthy. Before you start your meal plan for stepping up on stage, you are worthy. You are worthy right now.

Balancing the Chakras

I learned about Chakras during a course I did a few months ago and the concepts really fascinated me. I really had to expand my curiosity and open my awareness to fully appreciate the intangible forces that play a part in our physical and emotional health as well as our intuition and greater consciousness.  ChakraContinue reading “Balancing the Chakras”


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