‘Awake’ is an online course that is designed to rouse the women you truly are, before society and the world imprinted, shaped and decided for you.

Awake is for those women who..

  • Are lacking direction or feel like they are floating in life
  • Are not showing up fully for themselves, their family or their partner
  • Want to live without the constant fear of judgement, self-criticism or comparison.
  • Want to shift limiting beliefs they have of themselves, career, money, body etc. 
  • Want to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin

In this online course you will delve into 7 branches of my AWAKEN pillar –

  • The power of reflecting 
  • Unpacking your emotions
  • Debunking belief systems 
  • Releasing the pressure valve 
  • The truth about authenticity and self-acceptance
  • Body image, comparison and not-enoughness
  • Moving from internal to external

Inclusions –

  • Access to online learning portal
  • Awakening questionnaires and journal prompts
  • Interactive videos
  • Awakening Meditations
  • Weekly practises that facilitate deep transformation
  • Intimate FB group

What women have said about their experience..

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