Early Morning Opportunities

Something always seems hard until it is done. 

It can be easy to look at someone and attribute their success in a certain modality as luck or genes or circumstances. Ultimately, that someone once thought getting up at 430am was hard. When they opened their eyes to see darkness and silence. It would be so much easier to roll back over. Why get up at that time anyway? Ill tell you why. Opportunity. 

Getting up at 430am wrote me a book. 

It build two gyms from the ground up. 

It saw me read parenting books.

It gave me insight and healing opportunities through journalling. 

Gave me the space to built the life I live and love now. 

And it gave me the opportunity to build more self-awareness than at any other time during the day. Before the complexities, the decisions and the fatigue kick in.

When we have all the energy and patience and creativity and wonder and appreciation that we woke to see another day. How unbelievably precious it is to live another day.

When we look at the opportunities available to us when we realise we do have the space, everything changes. 

Our perception of time. 

Our admiration of that first morning light. 

Our appreciation of the dead silence before the first ‘mum’. 

Something always seems hard until it is done. 

Insta is kinda my thing…

Come see what I’ve been up to!

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