Are You Rich?

I’ve got a concept for you to consider… A lot of people associate wealth with money. They think, I am only ‘rich’ or ‘wealthy’ if I have X amount in the bank or I will only feel ‘rich’ or ‘wealthy’ when I have X amount in the bank.  Do you buy into this? I know I have.  The brilliant thing though?

You get to DECIDE to feel wealthy right now, irrespective of what is in your bank account.

I wake up every single day as a wealthy woman because I DECIDE to embody the woman who has it all..who is OVERFLOWING in all areas of life. 

I’ll admit that for a long time, I did let my bank account represent whether I could feel wealthy or not. It was only when I decided that my bank balance was irrelevant, that I started to produce the kind of results that let me live truly abundantly. But overflow and abundance are not just about money, it can be connected to an overflow of time, of love, of joy.

Here are some of my daily things that bring the feeling of being wealthy..

  • Slow mornings with my babies in my big king bed with soft linen sheets sipping on my coffee
  • Walking into the strength facility I created and lift with my members
  • Writing in all my beautiful journals
  • Soaking in a hot bath
  • Sitting on my front deck listening to the waves crash

You see, the destination isn’t the goal. I hear it alot…  

When I have X amount in the bank, then I’ll be happy. 

When I lose X kilos, then I’ll feel confident. 

When I get X job, then I will feel free.  

Living an abundant life that is overflowing with time, love and joy is the goal.  Loving the daily journey, regardless of money is the goal. I know I am here for ENDLESS Abundance and Overflow.  

Are you rich?

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