I Do Things Differently

My goal as a coach isn’t to get you as lean as possible…

It isn’t to put you on a meal plan..

Which can be so overwhelming as you could be changing so many things at once and not understanding the reasons why you are on that type of “one-size-fits all” plan)

It isn’t to educate you on how to use MFP and count calories..

Again, this can be so overwhelming!

I do things differently..

It might not be ‘popular’ or what other coaches are prescribing but the last time I checked.. my clients results are consistent and are standing the test of time (and their lifestyles)..

Each and every week, my clients take small steps towards their goals.

Here are some of their wins..

In 10 weeks has gone from 4 hours of sleep per night to 8

Has lost 4.8kg in 8 weeks 

Has increased steps from 8k to 12k consistently

Has increased protein consumption which has reduced her snacking

Went from basically no serves of veggies to 5 per day

Went from a self rates stress score of 10 to a 3 in 6 weeks

Started training again

The Nourished Life is a revolutionary wellness coaching movement and platform that helps implement behaviour change (we are our habits right?!)

This different approach can seem scary, but it is also the start of an amazing new way of doing things that totally changes everything for the better.

There is no need to give up the things you love..

You do not need to feel deprived, guilty or regretful when it comes to nutrition.And just a heads up, what I coach goes way beyond nutrition. 

Have you ever considered how your stress, sleep, movement and mindset plays a part in weight loss?I am excited to now be offering 3 coaching options.

If you want to drop the restrictions & step into the energised, confident woman you’ve been longing for.. then click the link below, fill in the coaching application form and we can work out what option suits best!

Today I jump on a call with one of my long time StrengthCity and Nutrition clients. We chat about being on the hamster wheel of life, and feeling the overwhelm of not being happy with where you are but not sure what to do or where to start. We talk about the diet culture, breaking the all or nothing mindset and how putting yourself first can change every aspect of your life.

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