All About Meditation

Something that has enhanced my manifestation is meditation. When we drop into a meditative state, we are able to really sit with and question why we have recurring thoughts and give us the opportunity to break them down and release what thoughts no longer serve us. We are able to drop into a state of curiosity towards our feelings and allow them to wash over us. We can gain clarity on what action is needed to move forward and we can tap into that higher consciousness and universal support. 

Whether you sit in silence or do guided meditation, there are a few fundamental techniques that you can experiment with that will help you drop deeper into meditation. The first is focusing on the breath. Whether you are staying alert to the rise and fall of the belly and rib cage, simply breathing in for four counts and out for four counts or participating in a conscious control of breath practise, connecting with the breath is a tangible and empowering technique especially for beginners. 

The next technique is sensation. This can simply be a body scan where you tune in to the sensations of your physical body; the weight of your hands as they sit in your lap, the feeling of your clothes on your skin, the flow of air in and out of the nostrils, the fresh breeze on your skin. Noticing these sensations is another great focal point to drop into a deeper state. 

A lot of people will resist doing meditation because of the external sound around them. Instead of resisting them, another technique is making these sounds a focal point and inviting them into your practice. Tuning in to the humming of the dishwasher, the kids playing, the birds outside chirping in the trees, the neighbours next door. Instead of being distracted or forming a negative association with noise during meditation, use it as an opportunity for focus. You may wish to listen to certain music such as singing bowls, chimes or chants. 

Mantras can be helpful for focusing within your meditation practice. A mantra is a repeated word or sound which can be chanted out loud, listened to through guided meditation or through silent mental repetition. Yogis believe that the sound Om is the original vibration of the universe and is therefore considered a sacred sound that carries with it the essence of all the energies of the universe. You can sit and repeat the mantra in your mind or you can use mala beads. With each repetition of the mantra, move your finger onto a bead. This tangible technique can support your sense of focus allowing you to drop deeper into your meditative state. 

The last technique is visualization as a focal point. You might want to visualize certain images, colours, shapes or a white light beaming out of the top of your head. This technique supports imagination, invokes higher energies and can assist in purifying the mind. As Catlin Cady explains in her book Heavily Meditated, “visualisation helps you generate new feelings, imagine new ways of being and create pathways towards new realities.

Whether you adopt the above techniques through your own silent practise or through guided meditation, consistency is key. Firstly, commit to a certain time and technique and stick to it for your mediation. If the technique did not resonate, change it up but still give it a chance. Once you are comfortable with the time, increase from there. Secondly, get comfortable! I recommend sitting rather than laying as I have fallen asleep numerous times. Sit still, with a straight spine, relaxed but still alert. Thirdly, have an actual start. So set a time, press play on a guided meditation, or ring a chime. This is the initiation of meditation. And lastly, focus on the chosen technique. If you decide to do a visualisation meditation, train your attention just on that instead of changing to breathing or chanting.

Understand that drift happens. Getting distracted during meditation is normal. Acknowledging this and returning back to the chosen technique whenever you feel you are wandering. The more practise you have, the larger the time between distractions. A beautiful reminder to finish is not to judge. Whatever happened during meditation is neither good nor bad. It might have seemed imperfect but the fact you did it is perfect!

Let’s take this opportunity to question how you can incorporate meditation into your life and how you can start manifesting like a boss. 

• Am I ready to question my thoughts?

• Am I committed to really feel my feelings?

• Can I start to trust in something bigger than myself and have faith in the universe?

• What time of day can I dedicate to mediation?

• How long will I meditate for?

• What type of meditation will I start with?  • In what part of my house will I meditate?

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