What If Your Limiting Beliefs Were Not Really Limiting?

Here me out..

Today I had a massive realisation from the help of a coach in that I need to acknowledge who I am and that I am not wrong or broken because of the ways in which I do things or believe things. 

I am someone who 

  • Is extremely ambitious and LOVES to hustle
  • Enrols in courses and sometimes doesn’t finish all the content 
  • Has a million ideas and knows a lot of stuff
  • Jumps from task to task
  • Sometimes enjoys work over being with my kids

I was shaming myself in being this way and having these beliefs and thought that I needed to

  • Slow down 
  • Finish what I started 
  • Stick with the one topic and niche down
  • Batch task or time block
  • Be a stay at home mum 100% of the time

I needed this radical awakening and ACCEPTANCE to what is. 

To OWN IT and not see it as a flaw.

I am most happiest when I am hustling on things I love, birthing creations, moving about my day how I please, cherry picking what I need from a course and not attaching to the outcome of seeing it through and being ok with being a generalist who can offer support on a range of different topics. And the one that hit home the most – I don’t have to feel shame if I want to work on my business over playing cars with my kids. 

These are my strengths, not my weaknesses and are what have got me to where I am today. 

So instead of shaming myself, I am going to celebrate myself because these things are what make me live with truth and passion. 

So I question you, what beliefs do you think are ‘limiting’ because you have perceived them as limiting? 

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