Awakening + Returning Home

I have been on a journey of awakening for a while now and have been learning a lot along the way. I have used this knowledge and experience to create an online course called The Awakened Woman. I have had the privilege to connect one on one with the women from this course this week about the practises that have facilitated their growth and have supported them in their journey back to themselves.

So this blog is about sharing some of the practises that have helped me on this journey and now countless others.

I believe coming home to yourself is about peeling away the layers that we have built up over time questioning how and why we do the things we do and how this has been shaped by our family and society. I believe this is best done by inviting rituals into our lives that facilitate that deep connection with ourselves.

  • Oracle cards – their is something magical about surrendering to the universe, asking questions or for confirmation. It is so beautiful to sit with yourself with the rising of the sun, pull a card and immerse yourself in the reading. Letting it wash over you and being grateful for its wisdom and devine timing.
  • Essential Oils – mother nature squeezed into a bottle. Diffusing and applying them to the skin are two powerful ways of allowing essential oils to either release or receive emotions. They have the therapeutic power to shift our energy and provide a powerful tool to support other rituals such as yoga, meditation and intention setting.
  • Crystals – the physical appearance of crystals is enough to evoke the emotions so working with them is another level. I recently used certain crystals in my new moon ceremony. I set an intention with one and used another to clear the energy. I wear crystals as well to help me connect with the qualities of that crystal.
  • Yin Yoga – Yin yoga in particular is very healing. If we look at yin and yang. Yang is dominant, doing, organising, planning – masculine energy. Yin is calm, nurturing, passionate and inward and passive – feminine energy. Yin yoga allows us to connect with yin energy. Connecting deep within ourselves as we hold poses for 1-5mins. This time allows the fascia of the body to recover and heal, it can be used as a meditative state focusing on breath work.
  • Meditation – This is an opportunity to let yourself be still. Some of us are afraid of sitting in silence, worried what might surface or seeing it as unproductive. When we sit in silence we allow are true self to come through. We find clarity.
  • Journalling – I have been journaling for years. Even when I was little I used to have a little diary that I would write in and put all my things in.  Journaling for me is about putting whatever emotion I have, whether it be sadness or fear or overwhelm and get that energy out of my body and into something else.

If this resonated with you and you would like to learn more about these beautiful rituals, schedule a wellness consult with me here.

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