Holistic Wellness & Living A Low Tox Life – 13 Tips on Where to Start

Having a daily movement routine and feeding ourselves nourishing foods are two of the biggest things we can do to lead a more well life. But there is one area that can have massive health implications if not address and included within the wellness realm and that is the products within our home.

Studies have shown that it can take as quick as 22 seconds for a product to be absorbed by the skin and within two minutes can cross the blood brain barrier and effect every cell in your body. Scary stuff.

We never stop to think about what is actually in our products and how it might be affecting us.

Ditching and switching personal care products and household cleaning products has been a game changer for my health. Before my “low tox” journey I used my asthma preventer morning and night, now three years on after eliminating almost all toxins within the house, only use my preventative once a week if that. Wow. After 31 years of being an asthmatic, who knew that the products I used day in and out had such an impact on my respiratory system.

When I started to educate myself on the ingredients in my produces I was both shocked and empowered. I started slowly making changes.

Here is a list of the easy swaps you can make to lead a more low tox life and really encompass wellness.

  1. Personal Fragrances – I ditched the perfumes and created my own using essential oils. Now when I smell a synthetic fragrance it is so overpowering, it gives me a headache and can get an asthma attack! Natural all the way.
  2. Face Care – When I seen studies that have shown that the hormone and endocrine disrupters in products are linked to fertility, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis and painful periods I was like hell no. I now use doTERRA’s Verage skin care range.
  3. Moisturises – You cant go wrong with a base or apricot fractionated cocnut or jojoba oil with some beautiful essential oils. If your wanting a heavier moisturiser add shea butter or coconut oil.
  4. Insect Repellant & Sunscreen – There are plenty of natural sunscreens out there but my two faves are Wot Not and UV Natural.
  5. Hand Soap & Body Wash – Think of how many times you wash your hands a day.. An easy swap is Castile soap! Add a bit of FCO and antibacterial essential oils like OnGuard or Tea Tree and voila!
  6. Laundry Detergent – My fave is EcoStore.
  7. Deodorant – Chemicals straight to the lymph nodes – no thanks! As a personal trainer I was worried with this swap and yes there is a period where your body is detoxing but I have used natural deodorant now for years and will never go back.
  8. Hair Colour – Chemicals straight onto the scalp. I stopped getting my hair bleached a while back now and have now been colour free for over 6 months.
  9. Nail Polish – That strong smell.. if they have to wear face masks why are we putting it on ourselves?
  10. Toothpaste – Another product we use regularly. I have tried numerous natural ones but by far the best is OnGuard by doTERRA.
  11. Water – bacterial, asbestos, copper, mercury, pesticides. Get yourself a filter jug!
  12. Plastic – ever heard of plastic leaching? I store all pantry items in glass, store fridge food in silicone bags and never microwave in plastic. Even the kids have glass bottles and aluminium drink bottles.
  13. Food – packed food = chemical shit storm. Eat from the earth.

This is a journey of awakening and curiosity, for better choices for ourselves and the planet. The way we choose to live our conscious life with the knowledge we acquire is entirely up to us!

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