Tips For Improving Your Nutrition

What we put in our mouth has an effect not only on our physical body, but our mental health too. When we open our mouth, we are making a decision – a decision to either nourish our body or trash it. To energise it or numb it.

Its quite easy to see who nourishes their body and who does’t by their physical appearance as well as the side effects they are experiencing – fogginess, lack of energy, aches and pains, bloating and mood swings to name a few. All these can have a major impact on other areas of life – intimacy, career, relationship with children..

The way you feed yourself is the most basic, most fundamental way you demonstrate care for yourself.

I have facilitated thousands of physical transformations and there is a theme or a set of guidelines I follow and want to share with you today. These are my tips for improving your nutrition.

  • Keep it Simple – you don’t need to have it all figured out. You don’t need an elaborate plan. You don’t need it all figured out to start. Just start.
  • Don’t get caught up in the latest trend – paleo, vegan etc. These can be extreme, cutting out whole food groups. Back to point one, keep it simple.
  • Where to start – If alcohol plays a role in your life than start to question it. Each drink, give or take, is around 100 cals. These calories have zero nutritional benefit. Next, look at sugar intake, then processed foods and how many times a week you are eating takeaway.
  • Eat from the earth – choose unpackaged, unprocessed foods. Eat as close as possible if not its original form ie. Broccoli, chicken etc.
  • Eat loads of veggies – incorporate into every meal.
  • Consume good fats – 2-3 times a day include avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, salmon, nuts and seeds.
  • Lean sources of protein – including one palm sizes portion of protein at each meal.
  • Drink lots of water – spice things up by consuming herbal teas and flavour your water using fruit. 
  • Green juice – I am a big fan of gaining all those vitamins and minerals through a big green juice. So nourishing.
  • Calorie equation – instead of getting caught up in it, just understand it. If your not loosing weight, you are in a calorie surplus. If you are staying the same, you are in maintenance. If you are loosing weight, you are in a deficit.
  • Labelling – shifting the mindset of “good” and “bad” foods and “cheating”. How about just asking the question, “is this food in align with my goals?”, “is this food going to nourish me and give me energy?”.

Remember, eating healthy or starting doesn’t have to only be on a Monday. It starts when you decide. Good nutrition is for life!

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